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One of the pioneers of Low-Frequency Bass Music, whose release, 1991's Bass Computer caused quite a stir among car audio enthusiasts, with its warning message that read: "CAUTION: ULTRA LOW BASS MAY DAMAGE SPEAKERS." Techmaster P.E.B. is now known as the "Godfather of Ultra Low Bass" His bass albums were used by millions to demonstrate the car audios maximum and beyond handling capabilities. Although he gave proper warning, some did not take heed to this warning and was the largest cause of blown voice coils and smoking woofers. Along with a few others in the industry, he helped shape the Bass Music Genera, along with inspiring many new artists who followed in his footsteps. Techmaster P.E.B. took a break from the limelight for a decade, but that didn't mean he stopped making music. Under some of his many aliases, he has continued to make music for many different artist and causes that were dear to his heart. Today Techmaster P.E.B. is back and ready to spark the Bass Revolution again. His latest release of Subharmonix brings back in the era of Ultra Low Bass. forming the Label Tech-Nolo-G Music Group he is ready to take over the Bass World AGAIN!

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The bass pulsator Techmaster P.E.B. released his Miami bass and European techno first single, "Listen to the Music," in 1990. The resounding debut album, Bass Computer, followed in its wake the next year. Tracks like "Power Bass Ultra Mix," "Bassgasm," and "Bad Bass Mix" are fully capable of testing out any woofer set. Techmaster's bass musical style has been compared to that of artists like Wrecks-N-EffectBeat DominatorFunkmaster Flex, and Positive K




Working under the Newtown Music Group label, Techmaster released It Came From Outer Bass in 1993. Bassgasm, the album, hit the store shelves in 1995. It was three years before there was another solo recording, Bass Computer 2000, followed by Suburban X in the year 2000. During his career, Techmaster has worked on recordings with a number of rap and bass artists, including the Bass Outlaws, Def Bass Crew, Bass Boy, and the gold and platinum record selling DJ Magic Mike.

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DJ Magic Mike and I have been friends for a LONG time and have done a few albums together. DJ Magic Mike is a master on the turn tables and can play them like others play a piano, or a violin. He uses his turn table to create masterful sounds.

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Today Techmaster P.E.B. is back and just released his latest album Subharmonix and is ready to take over the BASS scene again.

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